Saturday, February 21, 2009

Daddy Daughter Dance #4

This past Thursday night was a very special date for Kyla and Dustin. It was Kyla's fourth daddy daughter dance with her favorite person on the earth, her daddy!! She got all dressed up and even let mommy do her hair for the night. Daddy picked her up at 5:30 and they headed over to the church to dance the night away. At the event they had a mac and cheese and chicken dinner with cupcakes for dessert. Kyla was mostly excited about the treasure chest every little girl got filled with jewels. On the back of each jewel was a promise that came straight from their very own daddy. Dustin made three very special promises to his Kyla. He promised to always pray for her, to always protect her, and to always love her. Makes me tear just thinking about it. It is amazing to see how much daddies can impact their little girls just by loving them, so cool!! Needless to say, they had a blast. Kyla came home and said, "Mommy, it was so so so fun!!" I am so blessed to have this beautiful family but I am mostly thankful for a husband that would do anything for me and his children. We love you Daddy!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

We are proud of our AZ Cardinals!!

Well the Super Bowl came and went and the Steelers came out on top. This was the VERY first year we have ever been into the Super Bowl but it was very exciting!! We had a lot of fun rooting on our team at the Garage (the youth building at the church). We all got decked out in our red and cheered them on!! I have posted some pics of the cuties!!