Sunday, July 27, 2008



Well, we just got back from Kansas and it was a great trip. Kyla and Strius had lots of fun with Oma, Opa, Aunt RaRa, Aunt KiKi and all their cousins!! It is always a reminder of how far away we really are when I fly with children. The flight to Kansas was as close to h*ll as I have ever been, but we survived. Then the flight home was GREAT!! So that made up for it. We spent most of our time playing with Kyla's cousin Emery (who is also 3) and playing with Oma and Opa's toys at their house. It was so nice to catch up with my parents and sisters, but it was hard without daddy.

While we were away, Dustin worked on our back patio and added some fun things like a patio sail to help shade it more and he stained the concrete. It looks really good so I took some picks and will add them to the blog. Hope everyone is doing great!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

This is a recent pic of Kyla and her best friend, Tatum, across the street!! We could not ever again find a street to live on as perfect as this one, friends..friends..everywhere..


Hello all!!

Here we are again, another month gone by and our children are changing more and more by the minute!!

Strius started pulling himself up on everything, I guess I had forgotton all the boo boos we get with the pulling up and crawling because he hurts himself all the time. I don't know how I am going to do with a boy, I've heard it is pretty scary all the bumps and bruises. He will be 8 months on the 19th I just try to savor every moment with my last baby!!

We are getting ready to take a trip to Kansas to see Oma and Opa and for Strius to meet his Aunts Kim and Laura (Megan's sisters). It should be lots of fun, but I know that little Kyla will miss her Daddy. She is turning into even more of a Daddy's girl lately, he can realy do no wrong. It is actually a very sweet thing to see how close they are. She is growing up so fast, talking so much and so clearly. She loves to talk on the phone whether someone is on the other line or not. She is a little performer, too. Loves to make up songs and pretend she is on stage while mommy and daddy watch her. Our favorite thing is to hear her talk about Jesus, it is like she just knows and understands that he is really in her life not just an idea. She loves to sing songs she learns from her little church called "Good Times Kitchen". Already she is growing in her faith and that is more than we could ever ask for.

We will blog again after Kansas to share about our trip!! Hope everyone had a GREAT 4th of July. We went and watched fireworks at the Lake near our house with our friends, Rachael and Ryan, while we left our kids with AWESOME babysitters. They even took pictures of the kids while we were gone, they are the ones posted. Enjoy!!

We send our love and are very thankful for amazing family and friends!!