Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas, New Years, and Kansas

We hope everyone had a chance to really sit back and enjoy God's goodness over Christmas. We were constantly reminded in 2008 how important it is to rely on Christ for our needs, the world is so unpromising and our hope is in Jesus and HEAVEN. Ahhhh, Heaven will be nice!!

But as far as our little Heaven on earth...our babies and just our simple little life..... We were able to spend the holidays with both of our families this year because we spent Christmas Eve and Day here and then headed to Kansas on the 26th. The kids did really well on the flights with layovers each way, God (again) was VERY good to Dustin and I. We did sleep great the night we got home, though. We had a lot of fun with Nanny (Dustin's mom) and Mammaw and Papa (Dustin's grandparents) on Christmas Eve. We enjoyed a Happy Birthday Jesus chocolate cake and showers of gifts from the family!! Kyla's favorite was her Barbie Horse Drawn Carriage...she calls it her "Beautiful Horsey."

We woke up to Santa's gifts, opened stockings, and headed out to Black Canyon City for Omelets and cinnamon rolls at Dustin's parent's house. We were also showered with lots of love, and a HUGE puppy for Kyla. It was really a relaxing and enjoyable day!!

We then flew to Kansas and enjoyed some time with My (Megan's) family where the kids enjoyed their 3rd Christmas and loved every minute with their aunts, cousins and Oma and Opa. We had some GREAT friends get married in Wichita, KS. A three hour drive from my parent's house. Dustin officiated the wedding and Kyla was the flower girl (well, sorta). She attempted to be a flower girl by taking four steps down the aisle, then looked up to see everyone looking at her and took the adorable flower basket filled with petals and spiked it (like a football player) onto the carpeted church floor, screamed at the top of her lungs and ran straight to daddy. Mommy was not laughing, Daddy was. While Dustin, Kyla, and I were at the wedding my Mom and Dad kept Strius and had the time of their life with him. He is turning into such a goof-ball and he is SO MUCH FUN!!

Happy New Year, we look forward to hearing all about what is most special to you in the new year!! God Bless!!