Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kyla's First Day of Preschool!!

Wow, was it an exciting day for us or what? It is amazing how into this Dustin and I really got. He actually took the day off of work to take Kyla to preschool, our poor little girl will never get away from us. We all peeled ourselves out of bed, went to the breakfast table and squealed about preschool throughout breakfast. Kyla actually let me comb her curls and help her get dressed. She must've really been excited because that is very rare to let mommy do anything to help without a fight. Then we were off to preschool, with baby brother along for the ride. We arrived there to see that all the kiddos had beat us, then Kyla spots her friends Calub and Tatum and runs to be with them. I think she was more than happy to say goodbye to mommy and daddy once she got there. We left her with a smile and a kiss, she was as happy as can be!! Dustin and I went home, put our son down for a nap and wondered, "What the heck do we do now?" I put the dishes away, Dustin watched the Olympics and that was pretty much it. We headed back to pick Kyla up and she greeted us with a smile and a "MOMMY!!" It seemed to be a great day for her because she was sad to leave Happy Apple Preschool. Then we will do it all over again come Thursday!! We are a happy hovering helicopter family, but that is the way we like it!!