Monday, October 27, 2008


We had another busy month and I think the busiest week is still ahead of us with Halloween coming. I just wanted to share some pics I took this month of the kiddos.

We had a long hard week last week, Kyla had a fever for 7 days in a row. It was insane!! Poor little girl was such a trooper and so sweet. All the sudden her attitude came back and all the sass, it was then that I knew we beat the virus and she was feeling better:). She missed preschool for a whole week but she saved all her energy to visit the pumpkin patch and have her class Halloween party this coming week. I know she will be happy she was sick the week before and not this week.

We started a "Star Chart" about 2 weeks ago and she is really doing GREAT with it. When she is good or we notice her doing something positive, we reward her with a star. After she gets 10, she gets to pick a prize. Last week she got to go to Target with Daddy and pick out a prize. Guess what she picke? Play-dough!! She had never played with it before because mommy is not a fan. So, that was such a treat. She and daddy got to spend a little time creating. Dustin even made a little Kyla, I will post a was really cute. She had a blast. Then this past week, she earned 10 more stars and got to go see High School Musical 3 with mommy. She LOVED it and so did mommy. Then, as soon as we got home she ran off to her room, then all the sudden she popped out with a whole new outfit on. Well, I could not resist and made her pose for a picture in the outfit she had picked out herself, she even put the headband on without any help. She is growing up so stinking fast, but is so much fun!!

Strius is our entertainment!! He loves to shake his bootie and if you laugh at something he does, he catches onto that. He starts really hamming it up at that point. It is so fun to see his little personality come out. I can't believe he will be a year in about 3 weeks. I love having this little boy in my life, he is such a joy!!