Saturday, September 27, 2008

San Diego 2008

Krystal, Cody, Mark, Patsy, Kyla, Dustin, Strius, and Megan

The Tappans are home and so happy to be!! We had a great time in San Diego this past week, but man Dustin and I are pooped. On our way home we were wondering when our vacation without the kids started. I guess we didn't realize how NOT relaxing it can be in San Diego when you have two totally dependant little ones. BUT, we did have lots of fun with them!!

We shared two condos with the Staggs!! Although we pretty much hogged the upstairs one. This was the second year with our newest "family" member Krystal (Uncle Cody's new wife) and boy does Kyla love her. We spent lots of time at the park right next to the condo which is on the Bay, it is beautiful. Our favorite place was LaJolla, where the water was crystal clear and there were Sea Lions all over the place. We spent two half days at Sea World, which amazes me with all these sea creatures that actually obey human commands. I simply could not wrap my brain around how on earth you would even begin to train a dolphin to do a 30 foot leap out of the water on command and a killer whale to perform a 25 minute show. It is always so cool to see all of that!! Takes me back to, how could you not believe in God. All the different creatures he has placed on the earth and all the capabilities they have. Amazing!!

Kyla and Strius are doing great and are so much fun!! Strius is WALKING!!! It is official my 10 month old is a walker and I am so not ready for that. I sleep so well at night due to the constant chasing I am doing ALL day long. His favorite things are plants, electric sockets, dishwashers, nails, anything small enough to put in the mouth and big enough to choke on. The greatest thing about him is the HUGE grin on his face everytime we make eye contact, he is so so so happy and it is so fun!!

Thanks so much for keeping up on us and for reading these blogs. We love you all very much and hope everyone of you are doing well!!